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Map showing the region around Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Pest Control in Virginia Beach in Virginia, USA.
Pest Control in Virginia Beach
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Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Pest control in Virginia Beach is important, and Mosquito Elite Pest Control provides services for both residential and commercial properties. Our area is home to waterfront and inland living, thriving businesses, large military bases, and flourishing arts and entertainment scenes. Include the very important tourism business, and Virginia Beach is a great place to live and work. Unfortunately, pests and rodents love it too.

Our resort town is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Therefore, water, tides, flooding, and marshes lead to moisture and pests. Add in the food and shelter sources from homes, businesses, and farming, you have the perfect living and breeding ground for unwanted houseguests like roaches, ants, rats, and termites. With heavy tourism bringing people from all over the globe, bed bugs are also a problem. Additionally, the warm summer months bring everyone outside, so it’s a party that attracts mosquitoes. This is why you need pest control in Virginia Beach.

Mosquito Elite Pest Control provides the following services for Pest Control in Virginia Beach

We provide personalized plans for residential and commercial properties in Virginia Beach and throughout Hampton Roads and north into Williamsburg Virginia for the following services:

Are you looking for an Exterminator in Virginia Beach?

Stop Infestations
Prevent Damages
Prevent Disease

Why choose us for Virginia Beach Pest Control?

We are professionals who know the pests and rodents that call Virginia Beach their home, including where and how they live and reproduce. We also understand how they get into your homes and businesses. After all, the Mosquito Elite Pest Control team has over 50 years of combined experience in pest control in Virginia Beach. Our services include inspections, treatment, exclusion, and a guarantee. Whether it’s general pest control or specific services for termites, bed bugs, or mosquito control in Virginia Beach, you have come to the right place. For realtors and WDI, we provide termite inspections in Virginia Beach along with the clear letter. Being a military town, we offer discounts to active duty and retired Military, in addition to first responders.

Why is professional Pest Control in Virginia Beach important?

Considering the disease and damage pests and rodents can cause in your home or business, you need experts who know how to effectively treat and control your specific problem. They are also a nuisance and can become an infestation if left untreated. This also applies to the do-it-yourself pest control products. If you don’t know how and where to apply them, they can be both unsafe for humans and pets, but also ineffective. At Mosquito Elite Pest Control, we are professional pest exterminators in Virginia Beach, so we can get rid of the pests and prevent them from coming back.

Get rid of rodents and pests and keep them from coming back!

If you own a home or business in Virginia Beach, the chances are high that you have rodents and pests. The best way to get rid of them is to call us. Our team will take the following steps to identify your problem by inspecting your property. We will answer your questions and determine a pest control plan.

Step #1

The Inspection

You may have a problem with roaches, ants, mice, rats, or moisture in your crawl space. You may also have termites, need treatment for bed bugs, or need us to spray your yard for mosquitoes. No matter your pest control problem, our services always start with an inspection. We want to see what you are seeing and where, so we inspect your home or business to determine the types of pest and where they are entering the structure.

Step #2

Treatment & Prevention

At Mosquito Elite Pest Control, our personalized treatment and prevention plans are just that, personalized. No home, business, or property in Virginia Beach is alike, inside or out. Based on our inspection findings, our team will treat the areas of your property, so we can eliminate your problem and keep the pests from coming back. Click here for our specific treatment and prevention services for pest control in Virginia Beach.

Step #3

Our Guarantee

Each service we provide comes with a retreatment guarantee that is specific for the pest and rodent and the type of treatment provided. Some services are a one-time treatment for active infestations like bed bugs. While others are part of a year-round plan with regular treatment.

Pests Worst Enemy!

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Throughout Hampton Roads and north into Williamsburg, Virginia!
Our entire Service Area
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Pest Control in Virginia Beach

When our customers are happy, we’re happy!

Heather E.

Mosquito Elite does amazing work. Super friendly, reasonably priced and shows up on time. I have used their services for 2 years now and use them on all of my clients inspections. I recently used their services for spraying for mosquitos in my back and front yard for a cookout. I live on the water and I was thoroughly impressed on no one got bit all night. Lasts 3-4 weeks which is even better. Worth every penny!! (5-Star Google Review)

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