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Rodent Control and Exclusion

Are you looking for Rodent Control and Exclusion Near You?

Mosquito Elite Pest Control provides full-coverage Rodent Control and Exclusion as part of our residential and commercial pest control services. This includes both rats and mice that find their way into your home or business. Rodents can be anywhere within the foundation, including inside your home, the walls, the crawl space, and the attic. In businesses, mice and rats like food storage, kitchens, and warehouses. They look for entry points, seeking food, water, and shelter from extreme temperatures. Once inside, they can live and nest, while going in and out for resources.

Rats and mice do not belong inside for many reasons. Most important is your health. They can carry diseases that can spread to humans through contact and body excretion. Not to mention, rodents are known to bite! That doesn’t just apply to humans. Rodents also cause damage. Once they set up their new home, within your home, they start gnawing on everything including insulation, electrical wires, and wood. It’s important to get rid of rats and mice as soon as you know they are present. Even better, we have a pest control service that regularly checks for rodents.

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Rat and Mice Exterminators!

You can count on Mosquito Elite Pest Control to take care of your rat and/or mice problem. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in Rodent Control and Exclusion. The key is finding their entry points and eliminating them. Next, is getting rid of the ones that made it inside. We do both! As part of our general pest control services, we inspect for rodent activity for our customers in Hampton Roads and north into Williamsburg, Virginia. If there is evidence of rats or mice, we will apply the treatment. In addition, we provide exclusion services to keep future rodents out of your home or office. If you are active duty, retired Military, or a first responder, make sure to tell us, so we can apply a discount to our services.

Why are professional Rodent Control and Exclusion services important?

At Mosquito Elite Pest Control, we are professional rodent exterminators and have effective treatments to get rid of rats and mice. Over-the-counter baits aren’t as effective. Plus, an inexperienced person could put pets, children, your employees, or other protected wildlife in danger. For rodent exclusion, someone with building experience can seal up what they can clearly see. However, we know the entry points, especially the ones not readily evident.

We are experienced and licensed to treat and prevent for rodents. Unfortunately, we do not treat for or remove moles, voles, squirrels, raccoons, or opossums. That is a different service and license to trap and release.

If you’re looking for more ways to get rid of rodents, you can read more in our blog, How can Hampton Roads, Virginia Residents Get Rid of Rodents?

What does Rodent Control and Exclusion Include?

If you own a home or business, the chances are high that you have rodents. They can find and fit through very small spaces, so it’s time to call Mosquito Elite Pest Control. We offer both treatment and exclusion services to find and fix those entry points. We also have separate treatment agreements for rat and mice infestations.

Step #1

Rodent and Entry Point Inspection

It’s important to both find where the rats and mice have nested and where they entered the structure. If you are a first-time customer, our technician will perform your first inspection and give you their findings and make recommendations. For our customers on either a residential pest control service plan or our commercial pest control service plan, we will inspect for rodents during our scheduled treatment. If we find evidence of rats or mice, we will apply treatment during the visit.

Step #2

Rodent Control and Exclusion

At Mosquito Elite Pest Control, our treatment for active rodents is to bait certain areas. This includes the typical harborage areas like dense vegetation, the crawl space, the attic, and the garage. It depends on where there is evidence of rodents. The goal is to eliminate the rodents that are present. We use baits that we insert into tier 3 tamper-proof rodent bait stations. As part of our exclusion services, we seal up any entry and exit points in your foundation and replace foundation vents and crawl space doors. We also fix flaws in slab foundations and seal up around plumbing and HVAC penetrations. Additionally, we offer clean up and disinfecting.

Step #3

Our Guarantee

Our Rodent Control and Exclusion guarantee is part of our regular residential pest control service plan or commercial pest control service plan, so we will come out and retreat. If we perform exclusion work to keep the rats and mice out, that service comes with a one-year warranty.*

*For the exclusion warranty, you must be on a service plan to activate the warranty on the work done.

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Rodent Control and Exclusion Services

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Rodent Control and Exclusion

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