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Bed Bug Treatment

Are you looking for Bed Bug Treatment Near You?

Mosquito Elite Pest Control provides Bed Bug Treatment to homes and businesses throughout Hampton Roads and north into Williamsburg, Virginia. When you travel or your child comes home from school, you may have a hitchhiker on board. Bed Bugs love to come in and invade your home or business, and then they start reproducing. Before you know it, you have a bed bug infestation. It can happen to anyone, and they travel on any material. We are bed bug exterminators, so we can get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

The Latin name for Bed bugs is Cimex Lectularius Linnaeus, and they are more than just annoying. They bite too! Then, it starts itching. Pets can be affected as well in a home with a high level of infestation. That is why it’s important to call us for inspection and treatment as soon as you think you may have bed bugs. If you don’t know what bed bugs look like, we can show you!

Do you need to get rid of Bed Bugs?

Why choose Mosquito Elite Pest Control?

Treat Bed Bugs & Eggs
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Offer a Protection Plan

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience!

We are very passionate about helping our customers get rid of bed bugs. With our extensive experience and knowledge in bed bug treatment, we know their life cycle and how to exterminate them. We can identify and treat both the active bed bugs and their eggs. We use different products based on where they are found. Typically, you will see them in your bed and along the seams. Thus, the name bed bugs, but we know they can be found and treated in other areas. With over 50 combined years in pest control, our team participates in continuing education and training to bring you the best results.

At Mosquito Elite Pest Control, we also offer a bed bug protection plan. This is for customers that have jobs or conditions that may put them in a situation where re-infestation is probable. This includes those who work in the medical field, hotels, jails, police officers, and firefighters. It’s also good for the hospitality business, like hotels, vacation homes, and resorts. Additionally, if you are active duty, retired Military, or a first responder, we offer a discount for our services.

Why are professional Bed Bug Treatments important?

It’s simple. We are bed bug experts. Over-the-counter products are not designed to follow the life cycle, from eggs, to nymphs, to adults. Next, these adults reproduce every 2 weeks. If you try the do-it-yourself products like bombs, they more often than not send activity scattering and infesting other rooms. Hiring a professional gives you access to comprehensive treatment options and expansive knowledge.

Looking for ways to keep from getting bed bugs in the first place? Check out our blog for Tips to Avoid Getting Bed Bugs.

What does Bed Bug Treatment Include?

As soon as you see that first bed bug, their eggs, bites when you wake up, or you think you have them, call Mosquito Elite Pest Control. We will come to inspect and confirm if you do indeed have them. If so, our bed bug exterminator will review the service contract and provide you with our Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Sheet. It will give you everything you need to get ready for treatment.

Step #1

Bed Bug Inspection

An inspection includes a detailed scope of your furniture and bedding. Then, we look at the conditions of your home, so we can determine the level of infestation. Bed Bugs love to hide in clutter and find warm places to live and reproduce. If we do find bed bugs, our findings help us build an effective treatment plan.

Step #2

Bed Bug Treatment

At Mosquito Elite Pest Control, several factors determine our treatment plan. This includes the number of rooms, the items in each, and the access to all the space in the affected area. There are different treatments available. Dust can be used to treat things like electrical outlets; while aerosols can be used to treat hard-to -each areas or inside the mattresses and box springs. Organic products are also available. A bedbug treatment is typically a one-time service; however, it may require a follow up treatment depending on the level of infestation or condition of your home.

Step #3

Our Guarantee

As part of our service contract, we offer a follow-up inspection and a 30-day re-treatment warranty. For more details on this warranty, refer to the Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Sheet and service contract.

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Bed Bug Treatment

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